Best Honeymoon Destination : Ulagalla Resort by Uga Escapes, Sri Lanka

During the rainy season, an all inclusive getaway to “Anuradhapura” sounds like a great idea. Well, it sure is! After our wedding in Colombo, Sri Lanka, we decided to extend our stay to spend the first part of our honeymoon at Ulagalla Resort, Anuradhapura. Little did we know that it will be one of the most memorable experiences of our lives.

We arrived at what is called a “walawwa”- an ancient colonial manor house- surrounded by beautiful trees of plumeria. After ringing the walawwa bell, lighting the oil lamp and being treated to a refreshing herbal tea, we were given a ride to our chalet in a golf buggy- a perfect addition to an eco-friendly resort. Through the paddyfields we arrived at our very own dutch colonial chalet, surrounded by wilderness.

The chalet was built with delicate luxuries, most importantly preserving the luxurious views of nature with open concept glass windows. The resort has about 20 chalets which are strategically located over a 60-acre land area, creating privacy through the dense forests and long yards of paddy-fields.

We had our first breakfast in the deck of our chalet, under the shades of nature, listening to birds chirping early morning.  How many chances in our busy lives do we really get to sit with a loved one and enjoy a delicious breakfast in such peace and tranquility?

The resort restaurant is located over-looking the plumeria trees and the swimming pool on the top floor of the walawwa. The cool breeze that gushes through the balconies of the restaurant, made it harder to believe that we were in one of the warmest cities in Sri Lanka. The food was exceptional and the service was even better. A massage from the spa,  enjoying a round of archery, canoeing in the lake, riding Rolex -the friendly horse- along the outside edge of the resort or a guided tour in the city is all hard to conquer in just a few days stay.

Some might say it’s odd that a resort was built in the city of “Anuradhapura” . But the city is what adds even more value to the beauty of this resort. City of “Anuradhapura”   is listed as a world heritage site by UNESCO. The outstanding architectural remains of monasteries, palaces and monuments that dates back to the 1st Century BC makes the city rich of it’s cultural values.

An evening at Ulagalla can be spent with a wine by the private plunge pool, on a bicycle ride whizzing through the beautiful trees and paddy-fields,  or watching tv on the couch enjoying an authentic cup of Ceylon tea.  Our stay was a perfect blend of relaxation,  adventure, nature and wildlife. Although it was sad to bid farewell to an experience that almost felt too good to be true, the staff volunteered to create the perfect romantic ending – a candlelight dinner by the pool.

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