DAMn! – Amsterdam!

Although I am usually amazed by wonders of nature and architecture, in Amsterdam it was the culture that did the magic. A culture that is rich of simplicity and quality of life.  People in Amsterdam live the most leisurely lives I have ever come across. The bicycle friendly environment is the biggest factor that proves this. How many corporate icons do we usually meet riding a bike to work in a suit early morning. Surprisingly,  in Amsterdam they do! Not sure if this is because Amsterdammers love their health or nature. But when you come to think of it, they both go hand in hand.

As a tourist you can get around Amsterdam using a rented bike or a boat. Originally 3 of Amsterdam’s main canals were extended as part of city planning for trade and  population growth, giving these canals a half moon shape that spreads around the city. In the city there are 165 canals which adds up to 50km of length in total. A boat tour through the canal system is a must-do for tourists in Amsterdam.

Right outside of the city of Amsterdam you will find Zanse Schans, Edam, Volendam and Harlem which are all rich of unique architecture and historical value. In Zaanse Schans you will explore a beautiful town with historic windmillls-a picturesque destination for instagrammers. If you are a lover for cheese then ‘Edam’ is a must visit. Edam is a small town with breathtaking canals and walkways for a romantic walk with your partner. While you are in the netherlands, dont forget to visit a cheese factory to experience the process behind preparing dutch cheese which is claimed to be the best cheese in the world.

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